One of important skills which one should work on is dealing with ambiguity

Consider below post shared in linkedIn. It’s a fantastic post. Lots of take aways, but in this particular article I would want to focus on ambiguity aspect.

Dealing with ambiguity

Consider another example. This is from twitter


One of the reasons why so much importance is being given to that is, real world is chaotic. Unstructured. No business wants to compromise on speed/delivery. In some situations clarity arrives as you start walking. This can be seen with so many start-ups who start with some product and end up somewhere else.

In my past experience below are some frameworks/mental models which can be used to deal with situations like these

  1. Make certain assumptions about task at hand. Validate assumptions based on past experience or with relevant stake holders.
a. Break problems into smaller problem
b. Abstract
c. Working backword.
d. Check for similar problems which has been solved to get idea

5. Try to connect dots. Revisit the narrative/story line. Discuss. Talk to people. Visualise various scenarios

6. Last but not least intent of solving is very very important. If there is no intention , even simple problems cannot be solved

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