I came across this wonderful passage in Book, Art Of Science and Engineering

Indeed deep/insightful and motivational passage

Now let’s look at iconic tweet from iconic Amitabh Bachan.

Presenting information is super critical because it can help provide visibility, direction, clarity and of-course decision making.

Too much information is noise.

Too little information leaves reader with too many unanswered questions.

Consider a passage from book, How to create a mind, which talks about level of abstraction

Usually depending…

One of important skills which one should work on is dealing with ambiguity

Consider below post shared in linkedIn. It’s a fantastic post. Lots of take aways, but in this particular article I would want to focus on ambiguity aspect.

Consider another example. This is from twitter

Below picture illustrates sequence of events when one makes a POS or Ecommerce transaction

In this post I want to share cheat sheet which highlights tricks that be used to increase throughput and decrease latency

This is second article in series on designing building systems. You can look at first part here

In this article i would like to discuss about Resilience

Source and inspiration for this article is from Book - Building Secure & Reliable Systems


When designing systems , below points should be…

This is second article in series on Design problem. You can read first one here

In post we discuss about How to Design Email Service

  1. Understanding the problem/Key concepts needed to solve it

In this case we are building web scale email functionality/service/product. …

In these series of articles i want to explore various strategies to approach design problem


Below are key points to think when you want to solve an problem

  • Understand the problem
  • Understand the behaviour of Whole system/ List Requirements
  • Translate Requirements into High Level design
  • Detailed Design

Key Points

This is first article in series of articles about principles which can be used in Designing/Architecting systems

Some of below are from my experiences in building various systems

Some of it represents my mental model from book - Building Secure and Reliable Systems

Broadly I want to talk about below…

This is second article in series Pertaining to running/managing/maintaining Production systems

You can read first article here

This article is heavily inspired by Fantastic book- Site Reliability Engineering, How Google runs production systems

This article represents my mental model/summary of key points which I have learnt from book. …

Santosh Rangarajan

Software Engineer. Interests include — Distributed Systems, Data Storage , Programming languages

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